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AENAO is an organization which aim is to promote health, in the broader sense, through training programs.
AGALIAZO - Group of Volunteers Against Cancer
The Volunteer Group Against Cancer - Agaliazo founded in 1976 with the aim then the moral and financial support to needy cancer patients hospitalized in the Hospital "METAXA". Evolutionary became an organized voluntary organization with 1200 members and 160 trained volunteers. It is a recognized non-profit Association, belongs to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and has been certified in the register of voluntary organizations in the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity. and Foreign Affairs. The Group is managed by a 11-member Board of Directors composed of volunteers and volunteers. The Scientific Committees are composed of highly skilled and experienced scientists anticancer space, all specialties, and is responsible for the scientific work of embrace. For the implementation of the programs except the volunteers have organized Secretariat and Social and Psychological Service and stable external cooperation with Oncology Nurse for the needs of specific programs. With his work, trying to cover globally, according to the International Principles of Volunteerism, the chapter "cancer".
Medical, social and psychological support for cancer patients and their familiar environment, in order to achieve optimal conditions for survival and living. We want to be companions and mentors. Our goal is to get the patient out of hand and move together. Touching LIFE has concluded partnerships with prominent oncologists and medical centers in Greece and abroad to provide a "second opinion" completely free drastiriopoiitai through personal work of members and active volunteer network available. Indicatively, up to now our work includes: • Information on prevention & treatment • Provision of a second opinion for patients • Free conference call with oncologists Documents • Filing for disability pension • Help at home • Access to medicines to poor elderly patients • Support patients in hospital • Send drugs and medical supplies to remote areas. • Pilot program in support of oncological patients with disabilities to enable them to reintegrate into their everyday needs.
The main purpose of the Association is to offer support to women suffering from breast cancer, but also to members of their family. This is achieved through programs organized Mutual applicable to the collection of specially trained volunteers and professionals from the Society (social workers, psychologists). Also important goal is the update of the healthy population for the prevention of breast cancer through scientific speeches and complimentary exam programs.
Physical and mental health support hospitalized children & support acritic population with targeted actions
Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders
Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by people with dementia, their relatives and health care professionals interested in Alzheimer’s disease. It aims at raising awareness of all forms of dementia and improving the quality of life of patients and their families. Currently the Association numbers 4550 official members and is run by a 7-member elected board.
The purpose of the celebration weekend "ATHLOS + ENERGY", October 3-5, is the honorary participation of athletes in competitions Pair Archaeological Sites and other actions relating to the well-being. Our target is conducting a popular struggle to highlight the value of sport in everyday life and it's sport and running closer to athletes, spectators and citizens. Also the blowing of the spirit and values ​​such as "well-being" of "fair play" in young people and the promotion of archaeological sites and historical treasures of the region of Corinthia.
Through Bloode’s online service, you can create, promote and satisfy real time, ongoing calls for blood, in order to save patients who need blood transfusion. You don’t have to be a blood donor to join Bloode, all you need to do is share the ongoing calls for blood, get informed about our actions and learn about blood donation.
The purpose of our association is to inform and support the world, doctors and the state around skeletal health issues such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, kyphosis, scoliosis and sciatica.
ELEPAP - Rehabilitation for The Disabled
ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled, a rehabilitation centre with six branches throughout Greece and more than 77 years of history, supports the development of children with physical disabilities and developmental difficulties and at the same time provides support to their families.
En Dunamei health promotion and education
"En Dunamei health promotion and education" was created by scientists in the field of social sciences, the Psychology and Education sector to fill the gaps in promotion matters, education and health education. It covers the entire range of biopsychosocial entity of man as it is staffed by young and qualified health professionals. It provides individual counseling, couple counseling, psychotherapy, empowerment and support to all populations in need of assistance of any specialist at any independent age and sex industries. It designs, implements and manages projects programs - studies within the initiatives and programs of the European Communities. Implements Community research interventions at both community and local society and European. Implement prevention and awareness programs on the health and conduct social research, social forum, seminars and trainings in order to enhance social groups and reintegrating them in community and to their carers. Concludes program contracts with counterparties government or the public sector and local authorities of first and second degree, the implementation of actions referred to statutory purposes of counterparties, holdings in other listed in Article 100 of N.3852 / 2010. Cooperate with respective organizations' own purposes, in Greece and abroad and by non-profit organizations.
EOUDA is a recognized federation from the General Secretariat of Sports that cultivates sports lifesaving in Greece. Sports lifesaving is the only sport that protects public health from water injuries. Sports lifesaving is held for several decades in a variety of international competitions and has conducted a variety of pool, sand and sea events in the form of rescues (with / without equipment), skiing, canoeing and running.
GIVMED | Share medicine Share life
The first network that utilises the surplus of medicines in order to benefit socially vulnerable groups. Through a mobile application we connect the surplus of medicines by individuals with the shortages of social pharmacies and NGOs working in the health sector.
Greek Alliance for Rare Diseases
The Greek Alliance for Rare Diseases is the umbrella associations of patients with rare diseases and individual patients which aims to inform and address the problems in Greece.
Greek ms society
Increasing awareness of MS issues, support people with MS, performing actions valid information of patients, contributing to both the proper use of existing treatment and research for finding definitive treatment.
Hellenic Cancer Society
The Hellenic Cancer Society, Acharnes & Fylis was founded in March 2010. It is a nonprofit charity, with the main statutory duty to prevent and diagnose cancer, to inform and raise awareness of oncological issues, and The best quality of life.
Hellenic League Against Rheumatism
Raise the awareness of Greek population on the extent and dimensions of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and to provide appropriate support to people ppou ill, and the family / social environment.
Hellenic Red Cross
The Hellenic Red Cross is the largest non-governmental organization in Greece with complex tasks based on voluntary action and the immediate response of the citizens. Mobilized always aiming to relieve human suffering in times of war and peace, supporting the wounded, the sick, refugees, the elderly, people with financial difficulties and people from each vulnerable group of the population. Its activity has been associated with vigilance, solidarity and altruism and is synonymous with disinterested supply and selflessness.
IASIS NGO began its operation in 2005. Our main goal is to provide therapeutic and counselling services as well as psychosocial support to people who are in need. Our goals in general: Providing services of early diagnosis and treatment for adults as well as for their families. Organizing, and operating facilities which provide psychiatric care to adults with mental health problems Organizing and implementing consulting services and supporting treatments Providing specialized psychiatric services and psycho-educational interventions Preventing and raising awareness of the beneficiary’s family concerning his/her needs Organizing and operating of facilities which aim to the diagnosis, the therapeutic treatment of mental health disorders, as well as the reintegration to the society Organizing and implementing interventions to the community in order to raise awareness for general matters (such as social responsibility, etc.)as well as for more specialized issues (such as immigration, people with special needs, etc) Collaboration with hospitals and other psychiatric facilities, so the continuity of care is ensured by organizing a network in the community Training of Health professionals on matters of Mental Health Organizing and implementing research programs Our beneficiaries: Social vulnerable groups like People with mental health problems People with mental disabilities Asylum seekers and immigrants in general Women victims of violence Children and teenagers Young offenders
Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health, Prolepsis
The Prolepsis Institute is a nonprofit scientific organization that operates in the field of public health, medical research, environmental and occupational health since 1990. The mission of the Institute Prolepsis is responding to the challenges of public health in Greece and Europe, by developing academic research and applying the results in humanitarian and educational activities aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion and the promotion of health of vulnerable population groups .
K.E.F.I - Athens Association of Cancer Patients
The Association K.E.F.I founded in spring 2004 in Athens, aiming to provide emotional, psychological and social support to cancer patients and their families, as well as informing and educating society about cancer.
Kardia tou paidiou
Support for people who have a relative or friend with a mental illness
MDA HELLAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association)
Association for the care and welfare of people with neuromuscular diseases.
Metropolitan Social Clinic of Hellinikon
Offer primary health care to our citizens who are unemployed, uninsured or indigent.
Mission “ANTHROPOS” is a Greek non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with independent humanitarian action. Its purpose is to offer free humanitarian medical aid to people in need anywhere in the world, regardless of race, religion, nationality, ideology or political beliefs.
"Nosilia" is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2001 in Athens. Our mission is to take action to improve the patients' quality of life as well as their families and protect the right to a decent treatment for all citizens. We provide the following programs: Nursing care at home, a Social Clinic & Pharmacy, support service for lonely patients and other accompanying support services to serve the needs of vulnerable population groups.
PAMEMMAZI is a newly established Non-Profit Organization which aims to improve psycho-social health of cancer patients in Greece, to promote the holistic approach of cancer and to promote empathy in among health professionals. What we do: We provide meaningful, creative and educational activities to cancer patients and their caretakers in welcoming and cozy spaces in Greek hospitals | We organize forums, workshops and events to promote psycho-social and psychosomatic care of cancer patients in Greece | We encourage patients and survivors to share their story on Scars & Scarves blog in order to destigmatize cancer and we encourage patients and survivors to share tips on side effects’ management, nutrition, physical activity and personal care | We participate in the annual Greece Race for the Cure Marathon organized by Alma Zois, under the Untouchables team that Emma created in 2014
The Campaign"Fashion Targets Breast Cancer "started in America The objective of the Campaign is to inform about the prevention of breast cancer (self-examination, clinical examination, mammography) and raising money for further research. To date, it has achieved impressive results since awareness more and more women for early diagnosis has dramatically increased the successful treatment of the disease in the early stages "
Volleyball and psychomotor school for kids from 3 years on
The main activities of the association are: a) Coordination of volunteers b) information on voluntary donations for disease characteristics, prevention, treatment, etc. c) events, d) financial assistance to people with M.A.alla and sufferers association e) helping to improve logistics and hospitalization conditions of persons with MA
PRAKSIS is an independent, non-governmental organization, which main objective is the creation, application and implementation of humanitarian and medical action programs.
Prevention and Early Intervention Network KETHEA
Prevention and Early Intervention Network KETHEA The Prevention and Early Intervention Network KETHEA appeals to teens, young adults and their families to cope with the difficulties of those who can lead young people in other addictive or harmful for those behaviors. To do this through a range of prevention, early intervention and education professionals intervene both at the school and wider community, and at family and individual level. The Network also appeals to teens experimenting or doing occasional drug use and young people who have problems with using the Internet and their families. It consists of the Prevention Sector, therapeutic KETHEA program and the Transitional School of Athens Contact: Tel: 210-9212961 Email:
The aims of the Organization are: o Helping the community in Greece and abroad: > In situations of extraordinary and national need to deal with: Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, etc.) Humanitarian disasters (fires, massacres, etc.) Human crises (military conflicts and their effects) , > The search and rescue of missing persons (especially in mountain or sea areas) o Humanitarian missions, emergency humanitarian, medical, food, development and other forms of assistance to third country populations, as well as initiatives to contribute to the economic and social development of these countries. o The implementation of these actions can also be done through the cooperation of the organization with a reliable local partner or through the mobilization of the local community. Enhancing social sensitivity to the development of the spirit of voluntary citizenship. o The offer of assistance to human resources and technical material may be made available by the Organization by any person in the context of the rescue of persons and property at national and international level. o Assistance also includes organizations of prevention and preparedness for dealing with disasters or similar situations by the Organization and is offered without any racial, religious, political, economic, social or other discrimination.
RSF Hellas offers free training programs for voluntary groups and citizens on issues: Communications of emergency, first aid, amateur radio, Civil Protection.
Safe Water Sports is a non-profit organization, founded the summer of 2015, whose primary scope is the enhancement of safety standards for water related sports and recreational water activities. Safe Water Sports is purely a voluntary initiative and does not receive any funding or financial support from our government. Our vision is to ultimately make our country an example for others to emulate regarding safety requirements and proper standards through knowledge and support to individuals within the athletic industry and to businesses affiliated with recreational water activities and water sports.
Surfers4Life is an action group was born from the vision of a cancer patient to cross one sea to strengthen the community of people involved with cancer. The group successfully organized the 1o Crossing Solidarity, where 23 athletes crossed the Evian in June 2012 and raised funds for three NGOs. Since then it continues to be part of the contribution and inspiration of actions to support vulnerable groups, organizing the Festival 'Well Being' '13 and '14, organizing monthly cooking for those who need food, participating in the 30th and 31th Classic Marathon to support NGOs ( Doctors Without Borders, Smile of the Child), and delivering invigorating speeches about the importance of the contribution (TedMed, Athens Biennale etc.).
TACT HELLAS is a non-profit organization active since 2005 in the field of mental health and disability. Among other activities in 2011 took over the representation of the program Best Buddies (pals). The global organization Best Buddies is fighting to improve the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (PWD), offering opportunities to build relations of friendship "one to one" between volunteers and volunteers with disabilities.
The use of the horse as a treatment means improving the quality of life of people with physical, mental, psychological or other problems.
Offer voluntary care in patients lonely and abandoned children in hospitals in Attica
World Pharmacists
Humanitarian Missions in Greece and abroad. Collection medicines and para-pharmaceutical material. Seminars informational and consultative type on health issues. Participation in vaccinations and creation pharmacy first aid in schools etc. Pharmaceutical assistance programs for Greek NGOs, Social Pharmacies, sick, poor or uninsured persons and refugees.