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Who We Are

Alexander Fourlis picture
Alexander Fourlis

Alexander supports institutions that promote entrepreneurship and voluntary work for young people. He is a founding member of Volunteer4greece and supports every move, giving the team of technical support for the development of the platform, communication with companies interested in supporting the voluntary organizations actions, cooperation with educational institutions to develop educational programs for the needs voluntary organizations. You can find him in

Alexander Theodoridis picture
Alexander Theodoridis

Alexander has worked in various volunteer organizations in Greece, Germany and England among others participated in a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan in 2003 with the Greek Rescue Team. In January 2012 co-founded "Boroume", which from the first moment embraced Volunteer4greece through which more than 30 volunteers have been contacted and have worked voluntarily in the organization. He is a member of the Board of Volunteer4greece.

Eliza Salpisti picture
Eliza Salpisti

Eliza is a consultant developing regions by the marine tourism and water sports. She is a founding member of the Social Grocery M.A.Z.I. and supports the communication activities of M.A.Z.I. She believes that volunteering is a way of life and its participation in Volunteer4Greece hopes to promote and strengthen the important voluntary work carried out in various sectors and Thessaloniki through a very interesting project.

Giannis Ailianos picture
Giannis Ailianos

Yannis lives between Zurich and Athens and has an extensive professional international background. For several years, he has been involved in scout activities and other non-profit organizations, which has shaped his inclination for volunteer work. The goals and activities of HandsOnNetwork inspired him to set-up an affiliate in Greece, triggering his volunteering initiatives in the country. He is a founding member of Volunteer4Greece, supporting mainly the organization’s international activities. You can find him at

Άσπα Γιαννοπούλου  picture
Άσπα Γιαννοπούλου

Aspa is an Athens-based communications professional with international experience in the public and private sector. She supports active citizenship and sustainable development and she offers her skills and time to such initiatives. She has been managing digital communications for Volunteer4greece, including social media and e-news, as well as traditional media. You can find her in

Γιώργος Κλειβοκιώτης  picture
Γιώργος Κλειβοκιώτης

George lives and work abroad since 2005 and is co-founder of UP After the success of UP Greek Tourism began to receive a huge number of requests for voluntary participation and then he understood that there are many Greeks who want to volunteer but do not know how to find the appropriate opportunities. With a little research, respectively confirmed that most organizations are not able to find the volunteers they need. Thus was born the idea of

Δάφνη Μιχαλοπούλου picture
Δάφνη Μιχαλοπούλου

Daphne, the period established of lived in Paris, from where she coordinated the material for the volunteer groups participating in She is the one who supports through communication with voluntary organizations to develop partnerships as well as through communication with speakers for conferences and seminars for Volunteer4greece. She consider all Europe as her "town" and loves to "hang out at its neighborhoods". You can find her in

Ίρις Κρέμερ  picture
Ίρις Κρέμερ

Iris as a psychologist / psychotherapist has worked voluntarily in counseling line of union 'Together for Children'. She also is working voluntarily at the Union of XEN Kifissia and participates in the actions of Volunteer4Greece and other ngo's. Shesupports the networking of Volunteer4greece with other nonprofit organizations and developing partnerships with them. You can find her at

Κυριακή Ιατροπούλη  picture
Κυριακή Ιατροπούλη

Kyriaki deals with digital media and their application in advertising, marketing and communications, specializing in recent years in the Social Media. She is the one that supports non-profit organizations in the development of digital communication and in her spare time voluntarily participate in non-profit projects organized by the Volunteer4Greece.

Λένα Παναγιωταρέα  picture
Λένα Παναγιωταρέα

Lena is the general manager of the organization and is the person who is responsible for all the projects, by organizing, coordinating and editing the final result. She has been a volunteer board member for years of the local committee of AIESEC in Thessaloniki, actively participating and supporting with multiple different roles all the actions of the local committee and the committees from other cities of Greece. You can find her at the telephone of the organization: 210-8115398 and at the email:

Μαρία Ζαβάκου  picture
Μαρία Ζαβάκου

Maria deals with the writing of television and film scripts and by writing books with a particular inclination to writing children's books. She is the one who has set up communication with nonprofit organizations that collaborates Volunteer4greece to date, caring posting volunteer positions offered by ngo's as well as, their best view through online tools available to Volunteer4greece. If you do not already know her, you can find her at

Μυρτώ Παπαθάνου picture
Μυρτώ Παπαθάνου

Myrto lives in Athens since 2007 and deals with technology. She believes that simple, practical solutions that add value is the key to the country's development. She has voluntarily worked in Nicaragua and Kenya for the economic empowerment of women and support actions to enhance entrepreneurship. She is a founding member of Volunteer4greece and supports it in a multiple level representing the organization in private and public bodies at national and international level and developing collaborative networks with volunteer organizations in Greece and abroad. You can find her at