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Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a way of living. The volunteers offer their time, energy and skills to help nonprofits make practice all those activities that add value and benefit to the whole society.

There are many reasons for someone to offer voluntarily. We share with you some that we believe are particularly important.

We are a country with people who have talent and desire to help in many important areas that need such as the environment, children, economic development, protection of human rights and minority rights. Let's get together, let's give an opportunity to change.

Offering your time for volunteer activities, your abilities and your skills are expanding into areas that until now the opportunity was not given to you to get in touch with. You can get important social, communicative and professional skills through your cooperation with groups and new initiatives. You can develop feelings that empower other dynamic within you. For sure, the contact with any voluntary action is not an indifferent action. There are many ways to offer: accompaniment, help at home, encouragement, prevention, rehabilitation, telephone listening, specialized and professional services, health care, entertainment, social secretariat, legal aid etc. Offering to activities for the community you provide direct yourself.

Volunteering is a way to increase the active participation of all social groups in life, society. Volunteers are becoming a part of the services and the programs of the NGO’s, undertake specialized roles, deal with the other members of the organization, develop partnerships. Considered as partners and active members of the organization and not just philanthropists. All of us have this opportunity to participate.

In Greece the published volunteering rates are very low, but beyond the difficult times and perhaps because of this, things change and change for the better. Volunteering, in addition to offering to the community, is an attitude to life that strengthens and gives new content to people's lives. For most volunteers, volunteering was ”the most important of what they have done”.