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EDRA – The “Social Cooperative Action for Vulnerable Groups”
The pivot of EDRA – The “Social Cooperative Action for Vulnerable Groups” S.C.A.V.G is the emotional and practical support of individuals with Mental Health problems and mentally challenged adults as well as of children with learning disabilities. Our mission is the development of selected actions offered to our community (in terms of restoration and rehabilitation) with a double mandate: that of health and wellness as well as prevention and education regarding mental health.
The purpose of the Help Center of Caritas Athens is the phychosocial support of our fellowmen with advisory services and the participation in creative programs conducted in a weekly basis that aim in the socialization of vulnerable groups regardless nation,religion, gender and ethnicity
"To Petagma" Parent's Association for the supported living of the mentally impaired
The purpose of the Association is to create and operate houses where people with mental disabilities live permanently in a socially integrated environment having adequate support for their needs. This creates a safe and pleasant environment for growing individual and social skills of young people and achieve the greatest appropriate autonomy.
"Κοινωνική και Εκπαιδευτική Δράση"- Κέντρο Συμπαράστασης Παιδιών και Οικογένειας
Social and Educational Action, founded in 1997, is a voluntary Non Governmental Organization. The organization, targeting socially and financially disadvantaged communities, aims to improve their living conditions and support their personal development. Social and Educational Action seeks to raise social awareness within communities and promotes the idea of activism and voluntarism through its activities. Thus, the NGO has created a respectable network of volunteers and seeks co-operation with other institutions, either public or private. Social and Educational Action maintains the Support Center for Children and Family since 1997. The center focuses, mainly, on the support of the socially excluded children – the so called street children – children who belong to ethnic and religious minorities, who face psychological, and family problems, or children victims of racism and marginalization. The higher goal is the inclusion of the socially excluded children and their families through respect for their cultural identity and traditions. The Center is located in a rented place in the area of Kolonos and illustrates a model programme aiming to the support of socially excluded children and their families. The programme is especially formed to cover the social needs of those children who live in the areas of Metaksourgio, Kolonos, and Votanikos and mainly come from the Greek Muslim families and turkish speaking families of western Thrake, few children from Roma Albanian families visit the Center as well. Their parents, greek citizens in their majority, face grave social and financial issues, being unable in the same time to offer their children the proper parental care. The Center offers its services through the Day Center for young children, the Youth Center and the Family Center.
Advocates Abroad is a non-profit organization that seeks to uphold the fundamental rights and dignity of asylum seekers and refugees through free and timely legal and non-legal assistance. This assistance is provided directly through the 24/7 care of field and remote teams, and supplemented by in-depth policy papers of the academic team.
The NGO AITIMA founded in December 2008 and has the legal form of a non-profit organization. As stated in the statute aims is to defend human rights and environmental protection. These purposes NGO REQUEST seeks to achieve them with: -the provision of free counseling and legal assistance to vulnerable to the violation of their rights groups (refugees, migrants, minorities, etc.) -the organization of events (seminars, conferences etc.) -cooperation with other organizations and collectives -the investigation and recourse to justice. The founding team of the NGO REQUEST consists firstly by people with years of service and experience in the defense of human rights and also by recognized refugees and asylum seekers.
Non-profit organization with decision number 4533/1996, registered in the Institutions of Private Sector Non-profit/ the Ministry of Health. Started :1996 Our goal: Education, psychosocial development and integration of people with disabilities in a society of equal opportunities. Programs and Structures Day care center for children with autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Founded in 2008 and operates as a daily unit of therapeutic intervention and psychosocial rehabilitation and as a counseling station of family support.
ANADISIS-Protection of Autistic Children
Ambition of the non-profit Protection of Autistic Children "EMERGENCE" is to create a living space for autistic children and can accommodate children with mental retardation and Down Syndrome. This particular life space will allow the children to live avoiding the institution, without losing touch with their parents while they live and they can help, but after the death of parents.
Improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups are often targeted discrimination (migrants, refugees, people with disabilities, prisoners, homosexuals, the elderly, the unemployed, women, youth, etc.)
ARSIS is a social non-governmental organization that has been active since 1992 to support children and young people and defend their rights. It operates with centers in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Kozani and Alexandroupoli and has also been active in many other cities.
Association for Regional Development & Mental Health (EPAPSY)
The E.P.A.PS.Y. was founded in 1988 and has the scientific and administrative responsibility 14 Housing Structures Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Houses, Hostels, Sheltered Dimaerismata), 1 Day Centre and two Mobile Units in the Cyclades. Recognizing the importance held by mental health, promotes European programs and multilateral actions aimed at weakening the stigma, prevention and mental health promotion, continuous assessment and improvement of mental health services, safeguard the rights of the mentally ill, education and professional rehabilitation of persons with mental health problems, to strengthen mental health and families of recipients and the continuous training of mental health professionals.
Asylo Aniaton
The Hospice is a public benefit which exists solely to serve its filanthropic goals. Since, 1893, its specially trained staff (doctors and nurses) have provided full medical and nursing care to thousands of patients with chronic conditions but no personal funds. In 1972, in order to achieve the goals for which it was established, the Hospice for the Disabled established the Foundation for People with Chronic Illnesses. Today the Foundation cares for 180 adult patients from every part of Greece who all face mobility issues. A full 80% of our patients are bed bound and incontinent and remain in the Foundation until the end of their lives. Our financial resources stem exclusively from the rental and leasing of Hospice-owned property and contributions from supportive individuals, institutions, companies and societies.
Boroume is a nonprofit organization aimed at limiting food waste and combat malnutrition in Greece. Boroume started saving 12 pies from a cafeteria in 2011 and now we save daily and offer food that represents more than 14,000 servings, and until today we have offered a total of 5.5 million food rations to hundreds of charitable institutions throughout Greece. Our vision is to develop a social movement reducing food wastage while increasing food support people in need on the basis of the voluntary offer.
Our aim is to feed and human support. In Association "BREAD-ACTION" serve the idea of ​​Charity Volunteer. "Volunteering" for us means "rough amateurism" but "high quality Professionalism". What really interests us is to find ourselves with all our strength on the side of those who suffer today. We work with any government entity or NGO which aims to eliminate or alleviate pain, violence, misery, ignorance and injustice. The Association "BREAD-ACTION" is organized in standards private company based in Athens and Annexes in Aspropyrgos, in Heliopolis, Agios Dimitrios, at Perama, in Gkorytsa Aspropyrgos, Thessaloniki and Ioannina. Also developed "Cores Philanthropy" serving 10-20 families in different regions of Attica.
Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (CERB)
The Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (CERB) provides services to visually impaired people of all ages, concerning education and rehabilitation on a national level. The main objective is the complete independence of the visually impaired person and his/her integration into society. With the appropriate training and support of our staff, the spiritual, social and cultural development is aimed and promoted.
Center of Life - Athens
Psychological and social support of people living with HIV / AIDS and general public awareness of the public.
Danish Refugee Council
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded in 1956 that works in more than 30 countries throughout the world. DRC fulfils its mandate by providing direct assistance to conflict-affected populations – refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities in the conflict areas of the world; and by advocating on behalf of conflict-affected populations internationally, and in Denmark, on the basis of humanitarian principles and the Human Rights Declaration.
Desmos ( is a non-profit organization, to exploit the surplus of individuals and companies to meet the needs of organizations and Institutions of Social Welfare. Since its inception in January 2012 until today, the Link, focusing its offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, has provided an ever-growing network of 338 organizations of social utility in Greece, helping a total of more than 200,000 short and long term beneficiaries thanks to offer more than 110 companies and hundreds of individuals! The estimated value of the goods is handled by the Link exceed 1,000,000 euros. For more information about the action of Desmos and photographs and also to see how you can help, visit our website, facebook: https: //, email us or call us on 210 8119365 and for Athens and 2310 527620 for Thessaloniki!
The concern for the protection, care, education, skills development, physical education and professional training as a living, rehabilitation, social adaptation and work on sports, adult Persons with Mental Retardation
Emfasis foundation
Emfasis was founded to address the holistic needs of all vulnerable and socially excluded groups in need of social, psychological , family support using the principles of Social Street Working as its main way of approach and identification of such groups.
Since its establishment in 1992, the "Estia Agios Nikolaos' recognized by the Greek state as a Charity. We also possess the specific certification as Social Care service . Finally, in 2011 we were recognized by the Greek General Secretariat for Youth as volunteers host organization with the European Voluntary Service program, which funds us for hosting volunteers from Europe. A fundamental principle of "Estia Agios Nikolaos" is that each person has their own unique abilities and can help them develop if incorporated in an environment of warmth through creative work, artistic impulses and direct contact with nature.
Fiftyplus Hellas
50+ Hellas is a Non - governmental and not- for- profit Organization which aims to improve the quality of life of those over 50 years of age in Greece, within a more equal society and through actions and activities affecting all aspects of life. In cooperation with other social partners, it supports and promotes the rights of older people to equal treatment in society, particularly in employment, in health and medical care, in their independence and decent living standards, in their right to participate as full citizens in decision making as well as in the development of policies affecting them. The organization also promotes the interests and support of dependent older people and their families and the professionals who care for them. At the European level, 50+ Hellas is a dynamic member of AGE PLATFORM Europe which represents European citizens over 50 years of age. The elected President of the organization, Elizabeth Mestheneos, is one of the founder members of 50+Hellas.
Filoi tis Merimnas
Filoi tis Merimnas is an association of non-profit-Skopje character founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of material and moral support of social work Welfare. Addressed to all concerned citizens and organizations, informing them about the work of the Care and inviting them to help and they in turn in whatever way they can.
The Greek "Food Bank - 'Foundation for the fight against hunger" was founded in 1995 on the initiative of Gerasimos Vasilopoulos. It is a non-profit charitable foundation, exclusively dedicated to the fight against hunger and limit waste.
Four elements is a Non-Profit Organization and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Athens and Thessaloniki area. The company established in 2008 and is an innovative and pioneering Greek organization, with international cooperations and activity. four ELEMENTS acts primarily on prevention, information, planning, evaluation, submission and preparation of studies and sensitivization actions in the field of environment, health, welfare, culture, human resources development, R & D etc. Recent actions carried out by the company are actions regarding prevention of Web risks and dangers to school children, distribution of informative material, ad hoc consulting at homes of parents etc. four ELEMENTS has great experience and is intending to play a major role in the future in awareness campaigns and assistance in various areas, organizing workshops and other events (for alcohol, smoking, risks at work etc) and the advisory and support to people with disabilities. Purpose is to solve people problems, awakening of social consciousness and awareness both in Greece and worldwide.
The Bridge of Life was established in December 2012 by people who have either family members with a handicap or are willing to support disabled people. The objectives of the organization are to improve the mental and social care of children and adolescents with special needs.
gernao allios
An informative greek website oriented entirely toward elderly with issues related to health, nutrition, activities, services, elderly news around the world etc.
The Association GON.IS (and its members) support children's right to receive care on behalf of both their parents, regardless of their marital status (married, divorced, free union). The Association: Acts to modernize the Greek legal framework and harmonize it with accordance to the European Union's respective framework. Supports its members on issues of shared custody. It provides specialized consulting services to its members, by scientific staff (psychologists, lawyers, tax consultants, etc.).
The aim of the association is permanent and long-term care provision, education, shelter and psychological support to children on the basis of the Greek-Orthodox Tradition and the principles of Pedagogy and Psychology.
Greek Drug Users Union
The Union's aim is to defend the rights and views of people who do or have used drugs and substances, helping them achieve a better quality of life, the advocacy of harm reduction interventions and against stigma and social exclusion.
Heart Doctors
The name "Heart Doctors" has symbolic meaning: expresses deep feeling of pure and unconditional love for all people and especially to the patient neighbor, which stems from the soul, from their heart.
All Day center for preschool children and adolescents with autism and childhood psychoses
The broad aim of the Society is to promote actions that allow the treatment of mental health problems and general social exclusion, helping the individual to remain an active citizen, in his own environment, with autonomy, economic activity and social inclusion.
HELLENIC CENTER POMOTING EQUAL CO-EXISTANCE (ELKEPIS) was established as a non-profit Organization, basing its function on the respect of human rights and human dignity, as well as on the voluntary contribution of its members and the positive activation of civil society. Τhe founders’ loyalty for transparency, credibility and consistency, is the basic pillar of its action.
Hellenic Institute for Gender Equality and Vulnerable Social Groups
ELISOF's mission is to address key social issues such as social inequality, racism, social exclusion and violence, in all its forms. The organisation's mission is achieved through prevention, education and training, as well as with the implementation of best European and international practices, in our country.
Hestia Hellas
Hestia Hellas is an NGO that serves vulnerable populations in Athens including: children and adults, native Greeks affected by the strained economy and refugees looking to settle in Greece or other parts of Europe. Our goal is to help these populations prosper and achieve a more dignified life by providing critical support and self-sustaining skills including: psychosocial counseling, vocational training, life skills and community advocacy. Contact:
Hope Spot
The Hope Spot is a non-governmental organisation in Thessaloniki, Greece, whose mission and goal is to assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. Our goal is to bring hope in hopeless situations. WHAT WE DO 1. Shelter We host women and children victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, meeting their immediate needs in clothing, accommodation, food, medical care, legal and psychological support, in their first steps to a new beginning. 2. Awareness We organise awareness campaigns about human trafficking for students and youth. We believe in the potential of the young generation and we see the necessity of them awakening to social justice issues! 3. Co-operations We join hands with other entities and organisations for social care, in order to provide a holistic approach and support to those in need.
Human People
The locating and restoration of buildings and apartments, to be suitable for housing in need families, homeless, and other individuals, in collaboration with local municipal authorities, starting with the Municipality of Athens.
IASIS NGO began its operation in 2005. Ιts main goal is to provide therapeutic and counselling services as well as psychosocial support to people who are in need. "Fabric Republic" program is a social "bank" οf clothing, and it is implemented by amke IASIS
Ithaca / Mobile Laundry for the Homeless
Η ΜΚΟ Ithaca δραστηριοποιείται στους δρόμους της Αθήνας από τον Απρίλιο του 2016 μέσω του κινητού πλυντηρίου ρούχων της για αστέγους. H Ithaca λειτουργεί 5 ημέρες την εβδομάδα για 4 ώρες εξυπηρετόντας σχεδόν 300 άτομα κάθε μήνα. Στόχος της είναι να προσφέρει υπηρεσίες υγιεινής σε ανθρώπους που δεν έχουν πρόσβαση σε αυτές, βοηθώντας τους να ανακτήσουν τον αυτοσεβασμό και την αξιοπρέπεια τους, αλλά και να επανενταχθούν κοινωνικά. Παράλληλα η Ithaca, δημιουργεί έμπρακτα ευκαιρίες καθώς εκτός από καθαρά ρούχα στους ωφελούμενους της δίνει και τη δυνατότητα σε άτομα, από ευαίσθητες κοινωνικές ομάδες, να εργαστούν και να ενταχθούν ξανά στην κοινωνία.
Callas, civil non-profit company, was founded in March 2010 with a view to promoting widespread and documented alternative treatments and methods that contribute to prevention and health promotion resulting in holistic mental and spiritual health. Aimed at socially vulnerable groups where the benefits are multi-level.
KETHEA is the largest service network rehabilitation and social reintegration in the country. KETHEA programs provide counseling and drug treatment, family support, health care issues and legal issues, education and training, reintegration into society and the world of work. The services are offered free of charge during the treatment is not administered substitutes or medicines. The aim is full and stable abstinence from substances and equitable reintegration of the individual in society.
Therapy center for dependent individuals.The program helps alcohol, drug and gambling addicts and offers services to different ethnic and religious groups, ensuring that the services delivered are respectful of the attendants’ cultural and linguistic identities.
KETHEA NOSTOS is a residential programme founded in 1993 to meet the needs of adult drug users and their families in Piraeus, the Aegean islands and southern Greece in general. With the exception of the NOSTOS Therapeutic Community (capacity: 55) which has its headquarters in Selinia on the island of Salamina, the Programme’s facilities are all located in Piraeus.
KETHEA INTERVENTION is a therapeutic program for drug addicts, aimed at people over 21 years and their families and aims to rehabilitation, education and social reintegration of members.
KlimaxPlus Social Cooperative 3rd Mental Health Sector, Attica Prefecture
The purpose of the Association is to develop business in the direction of the social economy in order to upgrade the quality of life and socio-economic rehabilitation of people with serious psychosocial problems, which are experiencing the work and hence social exclusion.
Knit2Lead is a social enterprise which has as aim the empowering of women through fashion and in specific through processing materials.
Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece is Association of Private Law and operates since 1946 in the legal form of Specially Qualified nonprofit. Its main purpose is the vocational rehabilitation and social services to people with visual impairments (blind and partially sighted) of all ages, especially young blind people who are unable to be absorbed into other jobs. It creates opportunities and means to promote the quality, the spiritual and educational level and the establishment offers all services for FREE.
MARGARITA - Vocational Training Centre
MARGARITA operates and is organized according to the principles of the anthropocentric/person-centered approach. Our effort focuses on the personality, the wishes, the needs and the rights of the individual with mental disability. MARGARITA’s interdisciplinary team is based on the principle of respect of the rights and dignity of handicapped people. It designs and offers services and programs for education, professional training and support leading to autonomy. The acquisition of autonomy by an individual with special needs means that both he/she him-/herself and his/her environment accept his/her particularity and difference. Everyone involved needs to be able to manage the disability. Our job includes their support (psychological, educational, loving) whenever and wherever they need it, in order for their voice to be heard even louder.
Who we are; The "Together for Children" is an umbrella ten charitable non-profit clubs, which began operating in 1996 to equally unite their efforts for children in need. Together the ten clubs offer yearly coordinated services and a better future to more than 10,000 children in Greece. Philosophy The "Together for Children" we believe that together we can achieve more substantial results and uniting our forces and we prove it every day putting into practice our philosophy, which is none other than the "strength in unity". Vision The creation of a broad network of services, in cooperation with reliable and competent bodies in Greece and abroad, to relieve every child in need. Goals Provision of material, mental, medical and moral support to infants, children, adolescents and young Psychosocial support families Information and sensitization of society for children in need Dissemination of the principles and methods of volunteering Collaboration with organizations for the child and the teenager Promoting scientific research Find resources (financial and material) for the continuation and development of the project members and Union Partner
MDM Greece
The objective of MDM is to provide primary medical and pharmaceutical care to vulnerable social groups
Medecins Sans Frontieres Greece
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, exclusion from medical care and natural disasters.
Purpose KETHEA MOSAIC is the psychosocial support of migrants and refugees interfering essentially on two levels: a.Kinitopoiisi and drug treatment by drugs and b. Psychological support non-users
A voluntary group without legal form with a house that they help people you cant with everyday needs such as food,bathing a place for their children to play etc.
In cooperation with specialists of mental health professionals, we can propose effective solutions and provide multifaceted support to persons addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet, etc. The Oasis is a non-profit organization maintained by subscriptions and donations to survive and to fulfill the objectives of which are: 1. The prevention and treatment of addiction, complete abstinence from all substances that cause addiction. 2. The information on addictions and dependencies. 3. Scientific research and study of the phenomenon of dependence and the factors that generate them. 4. Raising awareness and informing the general public. 5. The wording of views and proposals to the exercise of power carriers for formulating appropriate policies. 6. Cooperation and networking with organizations that develop relevant actions. 7. Raising awareness and mobilizing scientists voluntary aid offer. 8. The establishment and operation of educational workshops former drug people to acquire professional skills. 9. The development of sports, cultural, entertainment for addicts. 10. The social reintegration of former drug people. 11. The promotion of volunteering. 12. The creation of suitable conditions for life without dependencies.
Options FoodLab
Options FoodLab is an integration project aimed at partnering locals, newcomers, and long term residents to create unique culinary experiences. The type of events we do are community workshops, private functions, and PopUp dinners. The events serve as a focal point for the various groups to meet and work together, building a network of support for each other in a time of precarity.
The PEGKAP-NY (Panhellenic Association of Parents of Children Persons - Mental trailing), founded in 1960 by Parents and Guardians people Mentally trailing. The primary objective of PEGKAP-NY is to recognize the problems of people with intellectual disabilities, regardless of gender or age, and ensure special education, Vocational Determination, The Professional Education, Social and Professional Reintegration and Supported Living. It offers education and training in sheltered workshops for people with mental retardation who ranged in age from 18-35 years, to professional and social participation in the free market and the employment of people.
Το Ψυχοπαιδαγωγικό Κέντρο «Πνοή» Ηρακλείου λειτουργεί με την συνδρομή της Κοινωνικής Υπηρεσίας του Δήμου Νέου Ηρακλείου και την «ΕΔΡΑ», ως πρότυπο κέντρο πρόληψης, αξιολόγησης και αποκατάστασης, παρέχοντας υπηρεσίες σε παιδιά προσχολικής και σχολικής ηλικίας και τις οικογένειές τους, που αντιμετωπίζουν προβλήματα λόγου, μάθησης ή σχολικής ένταξης. Πρόκειται για ένα Κέντρο που συμπληρώνει τις υπάρχουσες κοινωνικές δομές και απευθύνεται σε όλους τους πολίτες.
Pnoi elpidas
The aims of PNOI ELPIDAS is charitable, humanitarian, ecological, cultural, educative, cultural
Positive Voice (Patients' Association for PLHIV in Greece)
The NGO "Positive Voice" is the Association of people with HIV in Greece. The Association was founded in 2009 to defend the rights of HIV-positive people, to tackling the spread of HIV / AIDS and to reduce the social and economic impact in Greece.
The organization's goal is to meet public purposes in individuals and groups of individuals threatening diseases and "vulnerable" social groups. Volunteers' Messengers Region "is responsible for Finding, Development, On, Information and Coordination Supporters Site
Psychogeriatric Organization
The Psychogeriatric Company "Nestor" was founded by members of the Greek Gerontology and Geriatrics Society in 2001. It is currently the largest provider of free services for the elderly in our country. More than 5000 elderly receive high quality services by more than 85 health professionals and dozens of volunteers of our company.
Diogenes NGO is a non-profit organization which launched the “Kick Out Poverty” campaign in Greece back in 2007. The main aim of the campaign is to provide support to the most vulnerable members of our society. Homeless people, people on drug rehabilitation programs and asylum seekers are the groups in focus, while social integration/social inclusion through sport is the core aim of Diogenes. Raising public awareness on the issues of homelessness and getting people actively involved in various forms of activities against social exclusion is another core aim of the campaign In February 2013, Diogenes NGO launched the first Greek street paper. The name of the paper is “Shedia”
The purpose of the Association is the pursuit of the collective benefit and the service of broader social interests. In particular, the Association's purpose is to support single-parent families and their members, who suffer disproportionately from the crisis and provide assistance to them and their communities for sustainable synchronization of work and family life.
Social Grocery Store
Its primary purpose M.A.Z.I. is the substantial contribution to addressing the economic problems they experience every day now, our fellowmen. Individuals and families who are experiencing unemployment, economic hardship and health problems can meet their primary survival needs, by purchasing completely free, food and clothes from the Social Grocery M.A.Z.I.
Social Hackers Academy
Social Hackers Academy will address the issue of unemployment and integration of people who belong to vulnerable groups. Our approach is a full end to end education in software engineering and entrepreneurship which will provide the students the key skills to find employment and independence. This differs from the current solutions operating in Greece which only offer part-time courses that do not teach all of the soft skills required to either freelance, work inside a company or become an entrepreneur. In addition to the education, we will give successful graduates of the course access to capital in the form of ethical micro loans provided by investors both within Greece and internationally.
Special Olympics Hellas
Tα Special Olympics Ελλάς είναι ένα µη κερδοσκοπικό, αθλητικό και εκπαιδευτικό σωµατείο. Ιδρύθηκαν το 1987 µε σκοπό να παρέχουν σε άτοµα µε διανοητική αναπηρία ευκαιρίες προπόνησης και συµµετοχής σε αγώνες. Η δράση των Special Olympics Ελλάς στηρίζεται µέχρι σήµερα σε εθελοντές. Τα έξοδα διοργάνωσης και συµµετοχής των αθλητών σε αγώνες καλύπτονται από δωρεές και χορηγίες ιδιωτών και κοινωφελών ιδρυµάτων, ενώ η Πολιτεία ενίοτε συµβάλλει µε κάποιο ποσοστό, στο κόστος διοργάνωσης µεγάλων γεγονότων.
H Στήριξη ξεκίνησε στην Αθήνα, το 2011, σαν ομάδα εθελοντισμού,από τρεις απoφοίτους του Αμερικάνικου Κολλεγίου ΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΑ. Τα πρώτα χρόνια λειτούργησε στο πλαίσιο του Συλλόγου Αποφοίτων του Κολλεγίου Ανατόλια «εν Αθήναις». Η ομάδα μεγάλωσε και αγκαλιάστηκε από πολλούς φίλους εθελοντές και έτσι αποφάσισε να προχωρήσει πιο δυναμικά τις δραστηριότητές της ιδρύοντας σωματείο μη κερδοσκοπικό με την επωνυμία «Στήριξη». Σκοπός: Η υποστήριξη άπορων οικογενειών , με παιδιά που σήμερα ζουν κάτω από τα όρια της φτώχειας και τις οποίες υποδεικνύει το Κέντρο Υποδοχής & Αλληλεγγύης του Δήμου Αθηναίων (ΚΥΑΔΑ). Πόροι: Η «Στήριξη» στηρίζεται αποκλειστικά στους δικούς της πόρους που συγκεντρώνονται με τη διοργάνωση ενός ετήσιου Bazaar και την υποστήριξη φίλων και χορηγών εταιρειών. Πρόγραμμα υποστήριξης Οικογενειών Οι εθελοντές μας επισκέπτονται αυτές τις οικογένειες σταθερά και προγραμματισμένα, 5-6 φορές τον χρόνο και τους προμηθεύουν με είδη πρώτης ανάγκης όπως τρόφιμα (ξηρά & νωπά ) καινούργια ρούχα , παιχνίδια, βιβλία,κλπ. Η προσωπική επαφή με τις οικογένειες, μας επιτρέπει να παρακολουθούμε τα προβλήματα της καθημερινότητας τους και να αναζητούμε λύσεις όπου είναι δυνατόν. Παράλληλα έχουμε εξασφαλίσει για τις οικογένειες ιατρική, ψυχολογική & οδοντιατρική υποστήριξη με την συνδρομή εθελοντών ιατρών. Παρέχονται επίσης λογοθεραπεία και κατ’οίκον ενισχυτική διδασκαλία. Τα είδη και οι προσφερόμενες υπηρεσίες συγκεντρώνονται από ιδιώτες και εταιρίες που η ομάδα προσεγγίζει με συστηματική και λόγω των σημερινών συνθηκών,επίπονη προσπάθεια κατά τη διάρκεια όλου του χρόνου. Ο Δήμαρχος Αθηναίων, κος Καμίνης, μας συνεχάρη δύο συνεχείς χρονιές σε ειδική εκδήλωση, αναγνωρίζοντας την προσφορά μας. Συνεργασία με το Κοινωνικό Φροντιστήριο του Δήμου Αθηναίων Σε συνεργασία με το γραφείο της Αντιδημάρχου Παιδείας του Δήμου Αθηναίων ξεκινήσαμε να στηρίζουμε οικογένειες που τα παιδιά τους παρακολουθούν το κοινωνικό φροντιστήριο του Δήμου Αθηναίων προκειμένου να προετοιμαστούν καλύτερα για την είσοδό τους στο Πανεπιστήμιο. Αυτή τη σημαντική προσπάθεια των παιδιών να βελτιώσουν το μέλλον τους, η «Στήριξη» θα την υποστηρίξει όσο περισσότερο μπορεί, ανακουφίζοντας τις οικογένειες τους ώστε να μπορούν να σταθούν πλάι στα παιδιά τους Ετήσιο Bazaar Η «Στήριξη» κάθε χρόνο πραγματοποιεί «Bazaar για καλό σκοπό» σε κεντρικό σημείο της Αθήνας με την συνεργασία πολλών καλλιτεχνών και χειροτεχνών.
Syllogos Dikaioma sti Zoi
Taking actions that serve the needs of children and adults with disabilities and their families.
The Bridge
The main and basic action Bridge includes offering help through: -ways to approach (outreach work), -individual / detached offer assistance (detached work), -ergasias based on a plan / program (project based work) and, -team action (group action). Our teams are on the way "work" with people who belong to one or more of the following circumstances: underage workers, homeless, users or addicted to illegal drugs, refugees and migrants, sex workers / s, minorities, victims of trafficking, people who either forced or choose to spend their day on the street, people who live on the street.
TheHappyArt was founded in 2015, with a main goal to innovate, by putting the people with disabilities back into society with a new momentum, boosting their active involvement and social integration.
The Foundation "Theotokos " is a charitable, non-profitable and non-governmental ,private law organization which was established in 1954 (NW 212 Issue A 08.09.1954) and is supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance . The organization serves children and youth with mental retardation and other developmental deficiencies, as well as their families. Key features of the way the internal operation and management of the Foundation include the democratic decision-making and administrative independence of this. The mission of the Foundation is to educate children and young people. "
The Association of Parents Guardians and Friends A.meA. "To Ergastiri" founded by parents of children with mental retardation in order to constant care and support. The main concern of the association is the care, sheltered employment, social inclusion and future living 100 young people with mental retardation. In the "Workshop" operate various departments: bakery, catering-catering, pasta, laundry, pottery, tapestry, artistic batik fabric-processing, packaging-standardization, gardening and Day Spa. Furthermore the Centre with experienced and qualified personnel available to provide a complete network Support Services to psycho-emotional support and preparation of people with mental retardation for the most complete support them in society. Such is Counseling - Psychological support, individual, group and family, special physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational guidance, rehabilitation in the open labor market development programs of social skills and behavior, therapeutic riding, traffic education, maintenance of school knowledge.
Our goal is to give the opportunity to as many young people as possible to be mobile, to study, work and volunteer abroad. Our objectives are to promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular, • develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union • foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries • contribute to developing the quality of support systems for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organisations in the youth field
Zaatar NGO
Zaatar’s goal is to assist the most vulnerable of the displaced population of refugees in Europe (collectively referred to here as persons of concern or PoC), primarily focusing on unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable persons of concern such as single mothers, the LGBT community, and victims of mental and physical abuse suffering from PTSD by providing them a safe space where they can live and settle. We structured our organization with the very few resources we had at our disposal, yet positive results are already surfacing after only one year of operation. We attribute this in part to our overall philosophy and manner of working with PoCs, an available education system, and seeing potential for growth. In order to create a safe and welcoming environment, we decided to focus on important details like the strict admission process for volunteers, the enforcement of the humanitarian code of conduct, and the OH rules that apply to residents and volunteers. Thanks to a carefully selected team of skilled volunteers Zaatar has been able to provide legal assessments, psychological support, alphabetization, and intensive language courses to both residents and visitors. Our classes and activities are available to all refugees. Half of our volunteers are refugees themselves. The easy access to education in Greece is an asset that we have on our side, and therefore all of our young residents, with the help of a former Greek high school teacher, have been attending school since September 2016. At Zaatar, we believe in progression, and for this reason, after a relevant time spent at the OH, residents are given the opportunity to take on some of the house’s responsibilities.
The 'Life Line', a non-profit volunteer organization. Founded in May 2006 by Gerasimos Kouroukli, surrounded by a group of people with the scientific knowledge and experience in social work, physical and mental health sensitized to existing problems in an organized and effective support of the elderly. Fixed to our goal we design, implement and support action programs in the direction of ensuring quality and decent living of the most vulnerable groups, that of older people (65+). Care, protection, security feeling is what we strive to offer the elderly. Volunteering, activation of society, use of technology and communication are the means we use to achieve it. Sustained support Associations, Institutions, Business and ordinary citizens, today is our springboard to reach the LIFE message we send in as many ears and sensitize citizens and the state even more to the needs and problems of older people (third and fourth).
Cessation from drugs and othe substances