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Action Finance Initiative (AFI)
AFI provides access to financing, though microcredits, to those who have a business idea or project, but are not able to find access to the necessary funds. At the same time, it supports these businesses by providing free training and support. Specifically, AFI promotes microcredits in Greece, offering access to micro-loans up to 10,000 euros to potential entrepreneurs.
Ergani Center
Support women, young people and members of vulnerable social groups to employment and entrepreneurship. Support Womens cooperatives and efforts in the social economy
The European Opportunities Forum is a new initiative which is here to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world!The Forum aims to act as more than just a portal for professional mobility. Its main objective is to provide suitable tools to young men and women who want to operate in the Greek and European labor market. The means to achieve this objective is, inter alia, information days for career opportunities and training sessions regarding soft skills of young professionals. Means that make stakeholders informed and exceptional candidates. Through the information and guidance, we are to stand facilitators in the free job mobility.
H Fair Trade Hellas is a Greek non-governmental organization founded in 2004 with the legal form of a non-profit organization. For the first time in Greece began to promote the concept of Fair Trade, which aims to fight poverty worldwide. Our goals is to promote ethical and responsible consumption in Greece, and also placed on the Greek market of products originating from small producers from poor countries. In 2006 we opened in Athens the first nonprofit shop with products from all over the world. Our action does not stop at the disposal of products that have resulted from exploitation of man by man. Employees and volunteers of Fair Trade Hellas daily promote the values ​​of an alternative and equitable economy and responsible consumption through awareness campaigns and education programs. The shop and the offices of Fair Trade Hellas are located at Veikou 2 Acropolis.
iforU Greek Mentoring Network
"The i-for-U is a non-profit organization aimed at strengthening, support, networking and promotion of young women-entrepreneurs with programs Mentoring & Networking. We appeal especially to women who have recently started a new business or have already for some time their own business and are ready for the next level. "
Industry Disruptors - Game Changers (ID-GC)
Industry Disruptors-Game Changers (ID-GC) is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation that was founded to promote entrepreneurship in Greece, South East Europe and East Med regions. ID-GC’s strategy is focused on industry sectors that offer a competitive advantage, through the exploitation of the unique characteristics and the entrepreneurial potential in the region.
Metavallon develops a dynamic supporting structure around entrepreneurship initial stages, providing knowledge, mentoring, networking, and resources they need potential entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into thriving, high impact businesses. Our vision is a society initiative, development, and global consciousness.
Solidarity Mission
The nonprofit organization's Solidarity Mission mission is to contribute to the development of social economy. The projects implemented and services provided, aim at creating and developing sustainable social enterprises and social innovations.
The People's Trust
Our Organization The People’s Trust is a privately-funded Anglo-Hellenic initiative operating as a Not-for-Profit in Greece that supports start-ups and small, existing businesses. We offer business development services and micro-funding of up to €10,000. Our Vision We provide the groundwork needed for young Greek businesses to flourish. The mission of The People’s Trust is to relieve unemployment in Greece through entrepreneurship. Our organization empowers tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with the tools and skills they need to turn their ideas into thriving businesses. The People’s Trust operates in Greece to: Promote new job creation through entrepreneurship Encourage a culture of entrepreneurship Inject cash directly into the economy
Wise Greece is a nonprofit Movement dual purpose! On the one hand promotes worldwide the benefits of Greek food and the quality of Greek food, and through their sales brings profits which "converts" to provide food for them in our children and fellow humans with great need. A Movement consumer awareness at the global level to embrace these products, follow the Greek diet and integrate them in their daily lives, thus supporting our efforts. A move that generates profit for the Greek economy, while performing an important social task.