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AIESEC aims to maximize human capacities through the empowerment of young people.
Ashoka is the world's largest network of social entrepreneurs who apply their innovative ideas to create social change and solve crucial social problems. Ashoka is active in 88 countries and has supported and included in our global network over 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows), including two Nobel Peace Prize winners (Kailash Satyarthi and Mohammad Yunus). Our vision is to encourage people all over the world to think and act as changemakers; this is why our motto is Everyone a Changemaker.
Big Bang Education
Big Bang is a new Education Organization aiming to unlock the potential of a new global generation in an era of exponential technology and change.
Το αποσκοπεί στην ποιοτική ενημέρωση των φοιτητών σε θέματα τριτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης, όπως σπουδές, υποτροφίες, μεταπτυχιακά, Erasmus, ψυχαγωγία και επιχειρηματικότητα. Πιστεύουμε ότι είναι πολύ σημαντικές οι αποφάσεις που αφορούν την εκπαίδευση και την καριέρα σας, για να τις αφήνετε στην τύχη τους. Στόχος μας είναι να σας εξασφαλίζουμε άμεση και σωστή πληροφόρηση. Όσο περισσότερο μας στηρίζετε τόσο περισσότερο μας δίνετε κίνητρα να συνεχίζουμε δυναμικά και να αναπτυσσόμαστε.
Short summary: We aim to educate the youth in order to make them more employable! Long Summary: In our core stands a fundamental belief. By changing education you can impact almost every significant problem of our society, whether that is racism, unemployment, social inclusion or poverty and hunger. This belief drove us to create a platform through which, by changing education, we can tackle the most important social issues, one by one. This is EFFECT. We start by focusing on Youth Unemployment for the first few years of our venture. We have identified two stages, where education is responsible for the massive percentages of Youth Unemployment. Firstly, young High School students are not given the opportunity to practically discover their strengths and passions and connect them with what the world needs to make the right choice. We call this problem lack of Self-Awareness and it causes young people to make the wrong choice of profession thus worsening unemployment. The second stage is in Higher Education, where young graduates are only given bare knowledge instead of the skills they need to enter the market. This is called the “Skills Gap” and it hinders young graduates from starting their career successfully. Our first program is called explore and it develops Self-Aware high school students, helping them understand their strengths, passions and needs of the market to make the right choice. It is unique of its kind as it uses interactive seminars, assessment workshops and engaging presentations to pass the students from all the industries and subjects they are interested in. This way the participants can find out if they are creative, entrepreneurial, analytical thinkers, or they have a talent elsewhere and practically discover if they would enjoy being an engineer, businessman, programmer or artist for their whole lives. One of our most important innovations is having a parallel track for parents, where they can find out how they can support their children’s choices and help them make a choice that makes them happy for the rest of their lives. Our second program is called Success Academy and it develops the skills students of Higher Education need to enter the market and start their careers. To do that we’ve created a 10-week course that develops the skills employers look for but young graduates are missing, the employability skills the participants need to find and get a job and spaces for networking at the end of the program. To develop those skills practically, the participants will be working in teams on a real-life complex project assigned to them by our corporate partners who sponsor the program. At the end of the program, through introductory workshops, assignments, lots of teamwork, change management and simulation the participants will have developed the set of skills they need and they will be offered the opportunity to interview with our corporate partners. Now that they have all they need, their future is in their hands! We believe that with skilled individuals and more young people who answer their calling, the world can be a better place.
Group of nonprofit action inspired by respective NGOs abroad with the aim of combating technological illiteracy through computer and laptop donations from companies to students and schools.
ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Greece
To help Erasmus students to integrate in the best possible way in the community and live as intensely can this unique experience called Erasmus.
Promotes the European idea and the deepening of European integration and contributes to the creation of a European citizen consciousness and ultimately aims at a federal form of organization for the European Union
Substance The Greek Book Club - ELVI - is a cultural organization, voluntary, non-profit, with a modern person and love for the other. Member of OEMKOE - Federation of Voluntary Non Governmental Organizations, established in 1977 and is managed by a 11-member Board of Directors It has developed so far 24 programs "by readers for readers". The financial resources come from membership subscriptions, donations, sponsorships and events organization. Purpose The quality The complete man The new anthropocentric culture Goals Log book to life. Correlation words and actions. Promotion of the true, quality book. Socializing the reader. Human communication. Contact with nature. Eyresi and experiencing the truth that liberates, in relation to the desirability that enslaves.
Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability (HIGGS)
The HIGGS is an initiative aimed at strengthening non-profit organizations operating in Greece, through educational and support programs and actions implemented in the stable and permanent structure of its facilities.
IEPAS (Institute of Career Guidance & Counseling)
The Institute for Vocational Guidance and Career Counceling is the only organization in Greece, public or private, dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of the institution of Career Guidance, Career counseling and similar services to all, without discrimination. Using modern methods, it aims to help people realize their talents and determine their place in the modern labor market, thus greatly improving the conditions of life in the personal, economic and social level.
Konstantinopolitan Union of Northern Greece Cultural and Research Center Library
The completion of work on the library will make it more active and open to the public and researchers of issues relating to Istanbul and the wider geographical areas from which they derive the Greek refugees. Specifically, the work involved in our library has to do mainly with: the comparison of the existing material with the already recorded (cross-check), electronic recording of material (books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers), the classification; identification-code performance and fit of.
Library4all is a non-profit organization founded in October 2013 in Athens. Our aim is to foster the love of reading in children by collecting books for libraries of kindergartens and primary schools across the country. Library4all acts as the link between those who want to offer books, and the schools in need of creating or enriching their libraries. The role of Library4all revolves around gathering information about what schools across the whole country need, and then helping them create a library from scratch, or grow their existing collection of books. The books we send to schools are either brand-new or in excellent condition and come from donations by individuals, writers, publishing houses, businesses, and non-governmental organizations.
The online international magazine, translated in four (4) languages, that promotes the best proposals and alternative solutions to issues regarding all social policy areas.
Oti axizei
Oti axizei is a non profit NGO with its main goal to project and bring out matters important for all of us but also motorizing usby setting common goals with a focus to the collaboration of as many as possible individuals, sectors, businesses all over Greece and abroad. With no political identity through multiple action, we act as a team giving emfasis to the things which unite its members and by supporting everything that matters. Giving priority to our quality of life and set the man on the epicenter. We innovate by gathering on an annual basis, money for a different defined philanthropical cause, announced each time to our website and to our members.
PROJECT CONNECT Young Professionals in-the-making
PROJECT CONNECT is a referral service that connects young professionals in-the-making to Shipping Companies enhancing employability in Greece. We envision a changing-for-the-better-future Greece, by sustaining and safeguarding one of its top resources, Shipping excellence, through shaping & grooming its young professionals in-the-making & enriching Corporate Social Responsibility
An online space where the works of new writers talk directly, free and freely with the audience away from profit, exploitation and commercialization of intellectual property.
REvive Greece
REvive Greece is a recently registered NGO, with a mission to help refugees integrate into the receiving countries, and at the same time, to fight the digital skills gap in Europe. To that end, we teach them computer programming and then connect them with the private sector for job placement. In more details, through our e-Learning platform "Match & Teach Me for Integration" (, the newcomers follow a 6-month curriculum on computer programming, from the smartphones they already have (which we convert them to micro-computers, with the use of some essential equipment we provide for free), and with the help of volunteers all over the world, who serve as online educators by interacting in real-time with them via web chat. Technologies which are taught include HTML, CSS, JS, Python and Java. If students successfully pass the courses, they get a certification of knowledge and have a good chance to be employed in the private sector, REvive Greece is an independent, nonpartisan entity that relies on contributions from foundations, corporations, and individuals.
SCIFY (Science For You)
SciFY is a not-for-profit organization, that develops cutting-edge information technology systems and freely offers them to all, including the design, the implementation details, and the support needed, in order to solve real-life problems. Our "target group" is the world. We offer to all, and we are dependent on everybody's help.
Scouts Of Greece (Soma Hellinon Proskopon)
The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are completed as individuals and play a constructive role in society.
Our aim is mainly to contribute actively in research, control and information of natural and legal persons, on the need and responsibility especially those who have or participate in the construction of a website for how to contribute to creating a safer Internet.
Social Media Circle
Νέα και συμβουλές για τα Social Media όπως: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn και τις άλλες platforms. Live social, Think Digital!
StandOUT is a search platform of opportunities for young people aiming mainly at the personal growth and preparation for the job market.
The Greek Guiding Association
This is a non-formal, educational, non-governmental organization, which aims to exploit the free time of children and young people (girls and boys) in self-governing groups, with modern methods of education and creative activities. The aim is to educate its members (5-17 years) through play, life in nature and the team, so they communicate their joy and satisfaction of being responsible, active and Freeman. In Greece, operating since 1932. he is a member of the World Organisation Schools with 11 million members around the world and 10,000 members throughout Greece.
The Tipping Point
Tipping Point's purpose is to help create better informed and conscious young people in terms of their academic choices and their future careers. In Tipping Point we allow every pupil / student, regardless of geographical area or economic and social situation, to learn, beyond the stereotypes, about jobs and ideas, through people who already are the best at what they do worldwide. We change by learing by experience a student, a classroom, a school, a society.
Translators Without Borders
Translators without Borders (TWB) is a US non-profit organization that provides people with access to knowledge in their language, working with partners in the humanitarian and development sectors.
Unique Minds
The Unique Minds is an innovative organization with the primary aim of providing answers to the academic search of students and young children, directing, advising and mostly bringing them into contact with the topic of study they're interested in, in order to make a conscious choice, interweaving the personal dream of today with the professional and social integration of tomorrow.
Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece
W.C.S.A.G is an association with purpose to equate everyone's chances to reach, interact with, and share knowledge, both general and specific in the fields of science, culture, education and art. Its purpose is also to promote and organize volunteering and charity related to the above purpose. The Association may cooperate with Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., on the basis of a seperate agreement with it, and does not have any representative or other relationship with it, acting independently, without representing it in any way.
We are like marriage agency, but with mentors instead of companions. Finding a mentor for you and ask you to support the professional issues that concern you. Then we watch discreetly and support you both in what necessary throughout the course of your cooperation.
The Kifissia XEN, XEN's member of Greece and the World YWCA ( is a female volunteer, non-governmental, non-profit organization, to support and intellectual development of women. Founded in 1945 by Sophia Mavrokordatou-Delta, daughter of Penelope and Stephanos Delta, to animation and support of distressed by war and occupation, the wife of Kifissia. The action of the Organization based on the values ​​of altruism, solidarity, selflessness, respect and equality of people. Today, implementing social projects and programs of lifelong learning and the acquisition of modern skills, key to supporting and training of the modern woman.
Youth Entrepreneurship Club
Youth Entrepreneurship Club is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2015 by a group of young people who love entrepreneurship and technology and want to change the world. YEC encourages, unites, helps and supports entrepreneurs, scientists, students, women, the unemployed and social ventures, providing them with tools they need to materialize their ideas and create innovative projects and strong sharing economies in the communities they live in, staying in their country and viewing the future with optimism. YEC also creates a communication channel between academic institutions, the actual market and society. By this way contributes to the dialogue between science and everyday life, foreseeing entrepreneurial potential of the produced knowledge. Actions & Goals: YEC group seeks to expand to as many local communities as possible, using multiple activities which aim to transfer knowledge, opportunities and ways of productive utilization of valuable experience, such as: National and Europe-wide conferences, like Startup Europe Week - of which YEC is the official ambassador Seminars / Webinars Talks Open Coffee events Competitions Educational trips Thematic Workshops Educational games Lectures of scientific and business training
Σχολειό της Φύσης
Το "Σχολειό της Φύσης" είναι ένας βρεφονηπιακός σταθμός κυρίαρχη ιδέα του όποίου είναι η ενεργητική συμμετοχή του παιδιού στην οικοδόμηση της γνώσης, η οποία πετυχαίνεται μέσα από τη σχέση που αναπτύσσουν τα παιδιά με το περιβάλλον. Μέσα στη φύση γεννιέται η πιο καθαρή και ζωντανή σκέψη, μέσα σε αυτή το παιδί σκέφτεται παραστατικά, βιώνει τη χαρά και την απόλαυση που προσφέρει η κατάκτηση της γνώσης.