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Abba House Thessaloniki
Abba Ηouse Thessaloniki is a children’s home for the abandoned and abused child. As an organization, we are committed to caring for them in every way. When a child walks into our doors, they are welcomed in as family.
Amymoni helps families of children with visual impairments (either total or partial loss of vision) and additional disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, and other syndromes, neurological disorders and disabilities.
The "Ark of the World" is a non-profit organization about Special Care, Maternal and Child Protection, which operates on the care of children living in conditions of neglect and abandonment, without medical care, without a future, most single parent families, and many without parents. The "Ark of the World" was founded in 1998 by a twenty nine year old priest, Antonios Papanikolaou father with arms his love for children and his desire to create a nest of affection and care for these children of Athens.
With babyfeat we want to promote solidarity, offer dialogue, alternative economy and ecological awareness, creating a center where we can exchange ideas, feelings, experiences and objects focusing on our children. We're giving away and exchanging baby, children's and juvenile species daily with families all over Greece.
Be the Miracle
Support to families and children.
Από τις αρχές του 2007 το Σωματείο “ ΟΙ ΦΙΛΟΙ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΙΔΙΟΥ ” λειτουργεί Παιδικό Σταθμό, στο κέντρο της Αθήνας, για τα παιδιά των απόρων οικογενειών που προστατεύει. Φιλοξενούνται 35 παιδιά, 2 – 6 ετών, από τις 7.00 το πρωί έως τις 4.00 το απόγευμα. Φροντίζουμε τη διατροφή τους, τη καθημερινή ατομική υγιεινή τους, και την ψυχαγωγία τους. Προσφέρονται σε καθημερινή βάση, ατομικό μπάνιο, καθαρά εσώρουχα, ρούχα, υποδήματα, κούρεμα. Παρακολουθούμε τη σωματική και ψυχική τους ανάπτυξη με τακτική παιδιατρική παρακολούθηση, έλεγχο εμβολίων και εμβολιασμό, καθώς και οδοντιατρικό έλεγχο. Δύο εξειδικευμένοι νηπιαγωγοί χρησιμοποιούν ειδικές παιδαγωγικές μεθόδους και ποικίλες εκπαιδευτικές δραστηριότητες προσφέρουν γνώση και προσπαθούν να αναπτύξουν τις ικανότητες και τις δεξιότητες των παιδιών. Ειδική παιδαγωγός και λογοθεραπεύτρια συνεργάζονται ατομικά με τα παιδιά.
Dose Zoi - Give Life
The "Dose Zoi (Give Life)" Association is a Panhellenic Association aiming at the care of children with special needs and at the same time informing the citizens. We are trying to support children by improving their living conditions and their daily lives. Children with disabilities have the right to socialize like all of us. We have to collectively support them, support them, but in no way feel sorry for them. These children must be treated as equal members of society, not to despise and marginalize them. The contribution of the world is particularly important. We are a new Club and we need people who are eager to offer their help generously.
Faros-Supporting Refugee Minors
Faros is a Greek humanitarian organization based in Athens, that supports vulnerable refugee children and families, and has a special focus on children and teenagers that are unaccompanied or separated from their families.
Child Protection on girls aged 4 -18 years.
We are nothing great, just moms, dads and friends with something in common: We believe that we are not here to collect and keep, but to offer and give away. That's why we made the move to create a non-profit company and invite you to become you, our volunteers, offering clothes, shoes, books, toys, baby equipment and more for babies and children up to 5 years. Rather than purchased new, but old favorites. Of those left over and stay in the closet. These have more value.
Home-Start Hellas
Home - Start is a nonprofit organization that appeals to every family with young children, faced difficulties. Our aim is to be close to parents to support them in the difficulties and challenges they face, so they give their own solutions without difficulties to develop into crises or crises can lead to family breakdown. Properly selected and trained volunteers offer regular home support, for as long as necessary. Families turn to us and ask for support for a wide range of difficulties-from the simplest, such as the stress of everyday life and the changes it brings to the family, the birth of a child, up to the most complex, such as illness, disability, loss, loneliness.
Initiative for the Child
“Initiative for the Child” was founded by a group of volunteers in Veria, in April 2008. The tragic case of disappearance of a young boy called Alex shocked the local community and became the main reason for the establishment of the group. Today, more than 200 active volunteers offer their services while the number of its members exceeds over 300. Paramount to achieving the goals of “Initiative for the Child” is the provision of care and protection to children in need and at risk. Our main target group consists of children who come from dysfunctional or broken families and have been experiencing serious neglect and abuse of any type as well as children who have been abandoned or orphaned.
Joy Park: A Park for All
The Joy Park is Non-for Profit Organization that seeks to create an innovative entertainment and educational space for children and adults. Our aim is to create a new philosophy surrounding people with disabilities, while defeating social prejudice against them in modern Greece.
GROUP OPERATIONS & SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN - FAMILY - THIRD AGE Free Amenities & Workshop at: Environment, Arts, Health, Nutrition, Education
Ο Ανθρωπιστικός Οργανισμός KIDS SAVE LIVES συσπειρώνει, ενθαρρύνει και κινητοποιεί ανθρώπινο δυναμικό, εστιάζοντας στην εκπαίδευση μαθητών σχολικής ηλικίας στην αναζωογόνηση, την πρόληψη από παιδικούς τραυματισμούς αλλά και την χρήση και διάδοση αυτόματων εξωτερικών απινιδωτών (AEDs) σε σχολεία και δημόσιους χώρους.
Learn to Eat Right
The organization's aim is to support the healthy development of children in Greece and to defend their right to balanced nutrition and energetic game. Through programs, actions and campaigns, the aim is to support children in order to avoid problems related to overeating and unhealthy diet.
The "Love People" started in 1992 with a small company of people with a vision one day prevail in our world, love, justice, respect for human rights for all. A world full of smiles. They love God, man, the fellow man. And offer real hope in their hearts. Grounds positive, optimistic, cheerful. Achieve their goals, they put young people and celebrate their successes. They build a life full of meaning and purpose.
Make-A-Wish Greece
Make-A-Wish Greece carries out the wishes of children 3-18 years with severe and life-threatening diseases, strengthening the struggle for life, with joy, hope and strength.
NGO for the care of children and families facing a serious illness or the death of the person concerned.
Network for Children's Rights
The short history of the Network for Children's Rights begins in 2000 by a small group of friends teachers, writers, artists and journalists. The aims of the Network for Children's Rights are: the dissemination and enforcement of the UN Convention on the Children's Rights, which has been signed by our country also, along with 191 other countries in the world, the awareness of the children themselves for the institutions responsible to protect them at national, European and international level, the fight against all forms of discrimination, the effort for providing quality education.
One Child, One World
Strengthening and supporting families with preschool and school-age children living in vulnerable socio-economic conditions.
Beautify institutions and spaces that can accommodate children with paintings, murals etc.
The purpose of the Research Center Roots is to inform and educate adoptive parents and help adult adopted kids find their roots.
SOS Villages
"There is a village that embraces with love and care of children who are alone in the world. That gives each child separately, the warmth of his own home, the company of friends and brothers, interest in education, his carelessness the game. that gives children the parent caress and love of a mother SOS, need and they need most of all. This is the image, the role and value of the children's Village SOS. A great family embracing love children. "
The main work of the Association is to provide and take care of children in need by means of foster care programs. The term “foster” is used here in its wider connotation and not its restricted legal meaning, as this is applied by similar international humanitarian organizations providing long term support for children or young people. Assignment of foster parents to children is carried out strictly on a priority basis.
The Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children (EADAP)
The Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children (EADAP) is a non-governmental organisation whose primary objective is the study, promotion and dissemination of educational innovations to develop the potential of ALL children from preschool age to their first years at school.
To hamogelo tou paidiou
The purpose of the organization is to defend children's rights not only in theory but in practice, daily, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ensure necessary for physical, mental and spiritual balance.
KMOP is a non-governmental Organisation founded in 1977 to support people at risk or living under conditions of social exclusion, to provide integrated services for social and professional reintegration of unemployed and persons belonging to vulnerable social groups, developing degraded areas, scientific research and providing expertise in social policy
The Christodouleio is a charitable, non-profit institution that takes care of young girls who for various reasons have been found at a disadvantage and need us.