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"Golden Pegasus" award ceremony Pegasus in ancient Greek mythology considered the horse of the Muses who rode poets and flew to stardom. For this reason the "Golden Pegasus" is awarded to a film that stands out for both its artistic value but also for its ability to travel and to be distinguished in other film festivals. The International Film festival "Bridges" was founded in 2008 as part of the celebrations for the 150 years since the founding of the city of Corinth.
Athens Makerspace
Athens Makerspace is a physical community space with tools and machinery in different fields of fabrication, both modern and traditional technologies. We provide open access to anyone in return for a small monthly fee, while promoting the DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIT (Do It Together) mentality. Within the makerspace “hands-on” educational workshops take place, with a goal of learning by doing.
Bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders (LWB)
Founded in 2007 in France at the initiative of Patrick Weil, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF) is today one of the leading NGOs working in knowledge and culture-based development in the world and supporting libraries in developing countries. We believe that access to information and the dissemination of culture are two key—yet under-invested components—of human and economic development, and the spread of democratic practices and human rights.Present in over 20 countries and in France, BSF supports local initiatives through the creation of libraries to promote education, access to information and culture and the conservation of cultural heritage. Through creating and reinforcing libraries, training librarians, distributing books, supporting local publishing, designing library networks and creating innovative programs for the promotion of access to education and information, BSF actively promotes access to knowledge throughout the world.
Bouzianis Museum
The Bouzianis museum organizes temporary exhibitions every 2-3 months, based on the work of the expressionist painter George Bouzianis. Admission is free.
CTP is an independent, local NGO in the border region of Greece with Albania and Macedonia. It is an initiative that works at the local, cross-border and European framework and implement actions in the areas: Youth, NGOs and Economic Development. Objectives Removing the effects of rural isolation in local communities in cultural, economic and educational level. The activation of civil society and the local community, the interconnection and the provision of support for skills development and networking. Creating opportunities for children and young people to realize their ideas, develop skills in arts and new technologies and to take initiatives.
The "State of Culture" is a non profit organization, established in Thessaloniki by people involved years of culture in the city. The company has broad and ambiguous action in the fields of Culture, Art, Education, Youth aiming to promote the development of cultural and social activities, support to vulnerable social groups, volunteering, organizing events, creating new jobs, Scholarship and grant economic and artistic criteria. portal
Non profitable news portal for the Social Impact, NGOs and networking services of Activism and CSR of businesses in Greece, Cyprus and abroad
FORMIX is a Non-profit organisation. As part of its activities founded the Faculty of Byzantine Music and Byzantine hagiography.
Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles ARTEX
The Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles ARTEX is a non profit society with research, cultural and educational objectives, involved in the research of archaeological textiles in ancient Greece. Among ARTEX’ interests is the study of Greek textile terminology, the production and conservation techniques, the display of textiles, the garments decoration and the connection of textiles to religious ceremonies and funerary customs. Moreover, it studies the social context of textile production (domestic/artisanal space, women/men, occupations and trade) and its implications in ancient Greek societies. A primary concern of ARTEX is the dissemination of the research results to the scientific community and the diffusion of knowledge to the public. For this reason ARTEX is publishing the periodical Arachne and supports scientific, educational and cultural activities in relation to the field of archaeological textiles.
Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics (IEMA) - Greek Music Information and Documentation Centre
The Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics (IEMA) - Centre for Music Documentation & Reporting is a nonprofit organization that deals with the Music Research, Original Music Creation Music Documentation and Information, Culture and Music Music Development.
"The Institute of Greek Mills (I.t.E.M.) is a non-profit organization with the main purpose of research, record, study and protection of historical forms mills in Greek space and the related traditional energy systems, the file creation operation with relevant Documentation Centre, specialization scientific and technical potential, establishing the Museum of the History of Mills, organizing local and international events, exhibitions, publications, film production and other activities that will raise their mills. By "mills" means any form, as ranked on the driving force, with respect to the product and as to the means that move along with all those elements which form part of their surroundings. The I.t.E.M., a member of The International Molinological Society (TIMS), established by nr. 1878/1996 decision of the First Instance Court of Athens and is now more than 222 members, legal and natural persons (architects, archaeologists, historians, ethnologists, folklorists, engineers, civil engineers, restorers, conservators, lawyers, economists, researchers and mill owners, etc.) "
KROMA: An International Contemporary Art and Culture Platform KROMA is an International Contemporary Art and Culture Platform for the visual arts, theatre, dance, music, cinema and literature. Its mission is the promotion of contemporary culture, the support of Greek creators and the cultivation of international collaborations in a space that is open and accessible to everyone. KROMA was created in order to organize cultural events that promote contemporary art and familiarize the public with the new art forms in a simple and understandable way. Its goal is to exist as a vehicle towards the creation of magazines, the production of artistic works, festivals and exhibitions that utter a word on the cultural landscape and the promotion of modern Greek production abroad through its participation in major cultural networks. It is a developing cultural platform with a program that is constantly formed and changing. The field in which it operates regards all artistic actions from every form of contemporary art. It is constantly searching for new ways to take action, seeking to broaden the ways in which the public can come in contact with art. Its actions vary when it comes to scale, genre and form. The KROMA team designs, creates and participates in actions, that aim to promote innovative ideas, which formulate and recognize the cultural identity of our country. Cultural projects, like festivals and events, lectures on culture, educational programs, partnerships with cultural sites, institutions and companies. KROMA is intended for the general public: those who love art and culture, use new technologies, watch the developments and participate in the artistic and cultural life, as well as those who compose the cultural chain, artists, people of the arts, cultural organizations, event organizers, journalists and the media.
KROMA Magazine
KROMA Art Mobile Magazine is a pleasure for your eyes, always in your pocket. Delivered as a Mobile Application both for iOS & Android devices. Enjoy!
Mellifera organizes visual arts exhibitions to highlight the arts in Greece, in mutually supportive cooperation with other networks and groups of artists from Greece and abroad.
The purpose of the museum is the acquisition of knowledge through art, to show the uniqueness of children's art and the collaboration with counterparts in Greece and abroad.
The non-profit organization "Plegma" was founded in February 2014. Based in Skopelos, develops a network of cultural activities throughout Greece and Europe (organizing cultural events, festivals, seminars, theatrical performances, cultural networking). "Plegma" consists of a large network of partners and volunteers.
Sinthesis Media Company
Organization and promotion of cultural events, social activities and educational programs.
The promotion of contemporary Greek art in the common foreign and appropriation of the Greek public with artists from around the world but also the creation of a support framework for students and graduates of the Faculties of Fine Arts of Greece. Students will be providing free advice and feedback to improve their presentations, their portfolios and resumes, and decide the next artistic steps.
The "United Societies of Balkans" is an NGO created in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a group of motivated young people with rich experience about volunteer programs and social sensitivities. Vision was the mobilization of young people, their involvement to volunteering, their awareness of social issues and achieve greater access to knowledge.
Artistic expression and activities of people with disabilities
Βranding Heritage
Ancient Greek culture inspires contemporary creation This is a new project that aims to enhance the ancient Greek civilization, as expressed through contemporary creation -in different categories (art, design, gastronomy, jewelry, fashion, beauty, etc.).
Εικαστικό Θέατρο Κούκλας "Πράσσειν Άλογα"
Our vision is to bring dream and hope to society with performances and seminars waking up creativity, imagination and tenderness in children and adults. Also to promote the art of Puppet Theater in Greece and abroad.