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City of Errors
The City of Errors is an interactive platform aimed at awakening, awareness and activation of inhabitants of improving the urban environment in which they live.
Clean the illegal (dirty, rusty, miserable) billboards from roads. Behind this billboard is a tree? Rust, rinsed, without beginning, without end, everywhere, once here was the neighborhood where you look, wearies the eye, tired my soul. Turned green, leave.
Crisis Management Team
CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM (O.DI.K.) is a group of non profit - non-governmental organization (NGO) established and operating since May 2008 to Nos. 14911/08 Decision Court Thessalonikis.Einai integrated into the Ministry of Citizen Protection in Greece's Civil Protection Secretariat Nos. 69/08 registry as well as the Hellenic Aid Foreign Ministry no. registry 502. The purpose of our group is disinterested offer of assistance for the prevention, response and recovery from mass disasters such as earthquakes, widespread flooding and natural disasters, fires k.a.also acting in Research & Rescue people from air, mountain, nautical and other general accidents, and the provision or management of humanitarian assistance inside and outside the Greek borders, End Environmental protection is an area that our team invests for the maintenance and the regeneration of our natural wealth. H group invests in the organization and training of citizens to be ready to face crisis situations and to be able to protect the lives of our fellow human beings in their daily activities.
Cultural Association of Sarchos
The Cultural Association of Sarchos counts three decades of life and its purpose is the development of our beautiful village in a way that its potential is fully expressed historically, culturally and economically wise, for the Sarchians, for the entity of Sarchos and the world.
Get Involved
Get Involved as an initiative was launched in 2017 by a group of students with a great amount of effort, work, consciousness and common ideas on the need of new ideas which can promote the need of the youth for creating impact through their initiatives . Our first action is to organize the ECT Simulation Conference, which is a First in terms of known simulation processes
Hellenic Rescue Team - Thessaloniki
Goal of the Greek Rescue Team is helping our people, who face threats to their lives, under any circumstances, to all natural or non areas, in Greece and abroad. The volunteers of the Greek Rescue Team participating in search and rescue operations in emergencies and mass disasters, wherever they take place, both in Greece and abroad.
Oti axizei
Oti axizei is a non profit NGO with its main goal to project and bring out matters important for all of us but also motorizing usby setting common goals with a focus to the collaboration of as many as possible individuals, sectors, businesses all over Greece and abroad. With no political identity through multiple action, we act as a team giving emfasis to the things which unite its members and by supporting everything that matters. Giving priority to our quality of life and set the man on the epicenter. We innovate by gathering on an annual basis, money for a different defined philanthropical cause, announced each time to our website and to our members.
The "Pensioners in Action" we target the activity of pensioners in volunteering
PhotoAid Greece
We are PhotoAid. A voluntary group that aims to promote, through the art of photography, the social work of philanthropic organizations as well as collective-private initiatives.
Reading to the Others
The voluntary network Reading to the Others has its mission to record books for people with sight problems and read books to people who cannot read by their own.
Around the world Sailability operates under different names. Sailability organisations are “not for profit”, volunteer-based, and through the activity of Sailing enriches the lives of people of all abilities – the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged as well as people with physical challenges.
The active participation of young people at local, national and European level by means of actions and interventions.